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Living Proof MDWe are the Physicians at Living Proof MD, Dr. Mark McConn and Dr. Susan Merola-McConn. We both come from families of physicians, but we lived on opposite coasts and had different interests before beginning medical school at St. Georges University School of Medicine in Grenada (1982-1986) where we met. Mark is a native Californian who relocated to Syracuse to join me in family practice residency at St. Joseph’s Health Science Center in Syracuse, NY from 1986-1989. After completing our residency, we both began our practices at North Medical Family Physicians. We have continued on a common path to building a family, and a family medicine practice for over 20 years and now have two children, Ryan and Margaux, who are following the family tradition in medicine. Ryan is a resident physician and Margaux is currently in medical school.

Mark and I have diverse interests outside of our medical careers that add to our unique characters and style. While living in California, Mark earned a Bachelor of Science in Fermentation Science from UC Davis, and he was a winemaker before entering medical school. I have a passion for art and studied both biology and Italian renaissance art and literature, earning a Bachelor of Science in both from Boston College. Together, we have a common vision that merges the art and science of medicine into a medical practice specializing in Preventative Medicine and Cosmetic Dermatology.

After ten years of practicing traditional family medicine, we started Living Proof MD as a small anti-aging and wellness practice. The practice has evolved over the past ten years, but our philosophy has remained steadfast. The changes occurring in healthcare make it increasingly more difficult to foster a personal doctor-patient relationship. We must allow time to understand each patient from the inside out and take the time necessary to develop a comprehensive plan for lifestyle change that is at the core of prevention and wellness. We have recently affiliated with MDVIP, a practice model that shares our philosophy of spending time learning our patients’ stories and focusing on prevention and wellness. Our mission is to provide an environment where we can design a wellness program to help you achieve optimum health. We invite you to join us on our journey to health, wellness, and vitality.

Living Proof MD
Dr. Mark McConn

Dr. Susan Merola-McConn

Living Proof MDI am Dawn Scott, and I have been a Physician Assistant since 1997. I began working in family practice with Dr. Mark McConn and Dr. Susan Merola-McConn in January 2001. Through the years they have provided me numerous opportunities to expand my knowledge and skills in medicine. The unique style of their practice and their proactive philosophy for wellness and anti-aging is unequaled.

I graduated, Magna Cum Laude, from LeMoyne College with a Bachelor of Science in Biology in 1991. Although I excelled in school, my success came from determination, not love for the process of higher education, so despite encouragement from peers and mentors, I didn’t pursue a medical career after college. Instead, I took a position as a claims representative for the Social Security Administration where I found myself sitting behind a desk, surrounded by policy manuals and daily routine. This experience helped me recognize that my true calling was in medicine, and lead me to return to school to become a Physician Assistant. I graduated Summa Cum Laude, and was Valedictorian for the class of 1997 Touro College Physician Assistant Program. In medicine I have found my purpose. I am always driven to learn more, teach more, do more. Being a Physician Assistant is not only what I do, but it is a part of who I am.

What I enjoy most about family medicine is the relationships developed with patients that extend through the years. Compassion, empathy, and intuition are not skills that are taught. They are learned from our life experiences and the life stories of others. I believe in nurturing trusting relationships by learning each patient’s story. This can only be accomplished by allowing time for a patient to talk freely, and educating them on why the treatment plan as prescribed is important. The better a patient understands their condition, the more likely they are to follow treatment recommendations, and their health and wellness will be optimized.

I enjoy nature and activities that allow me to be creative. I find gardening creative, and therapeutic. When winter arrives, and my gardens are under snow, I enjoy decorating and painting in my home. My husband and I became foster parents for twin girls just before their second birthday, and we were blessed with being able to adopt them and make them our family. My most important, time-worthy activity is caring for these two beautiful tomboys who prefer dragons and ninja turtles over dolls or princesses. They will challenge us and bless us for many years to come.